Up Next: Sucba Diving

Monday was my adventure as a Salvation Army bell ringer. I refuse to write a post about it without the pictures Tim took of me. Currently, my camera is in Mexico, so I will get to it later this week.
Anyway, next on my list of "always wanted to do that" is scuba diving. How I came to desire to accomplish this is a little complicated.
Three or four years ago, Tim and I went camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I had never been there before and fell in love with the place. If you have never been there before, let me tell you that it's gorgeous...way picturesque!
One of the things I really wanted to do while in the U.P. was to get lost in the woods and have to take a ride from a stranger who lived in a shack in the woods.
No...that wasn't it...although that did happen.
What I really had my heart set on doing was swimming in Lake Superior. For the record, They really should rename it Superior Ocean or Superior Sea, because when you first arrive at it's shore, it looks WAY angrier than your typical lake. Twenty foot waves can happen during storms and waves over 30 feet have been recorded. Add that with the fact that the temperature in the lake ranges from 32 degrees in the winter to 55 degrees in the summer, and you've got yourself an exciting experience.
So, one evening during out trip, Tim and I went swimming in Lake Superior. It was awesome. The water was icy and there were some pretty good waves. I didn't know if the lake wanted to spit me out or suck me in.
Once I was hooked on the awesomeness of Lake Superior, I next became hooked on the idea of all the shipwrecks it holds. The Great Lakes in general stay so cool that there are thousands of preserved shipwrecks beneath it's surface.
I began reading books about Great Lakes shipwrecks, but eventually, I got to the point where I wanted to see these things for myself. I mean, Imagine diving 25 to 60 feet below the surface of Lake Superior and coming face to face with a 525 foot steam ship on which 12 of its crew died. And, don't forget that the visibility in the Great Lakes isn't exactly the same as what it is in your bathtub.
The thought kinda scares the crap out of me, too.
So, the other week I was feeling kinda bored and I thought, "What am I waiting for?!? I should learn how to scuba dive!"
I looked up some of the local dive shops and signed up for the open water certification course. My classes are this Saturday and Sunday. I have to read a book, do some homework and watch 2 DVD before then (which is what I really should be doing now). If you want to see me look all awesome in my gear, come to Oakland University on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I'll be learning scuba diving in the pool!

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jallen said...

Have fun this weekend!!! I can't wait to hear all about it on Tuesday!