Season's Ramblings

Some of the week's highlights:

I finally got a good deal on some sweat suits at Old Navy for Lorelai. This one cost me $16, but we got a second one for $6!!!

Tim's birthday on Tuesday. If you haven't had a poured chocolate cake from Christine's (just north of Hall Rd. and Hayes) then you really have never had chocolate cake. Stop in there for a poured chocolate cupcake!!!

Lorelai loved her cake even more than usual considering the plates.

New slippers for the elmo lover!

Thanksgiving day. Am quite sorry Thanksgiving day was just one week before I must make my debut in a wet suit. Ugh.

My new nephew Braydon! He loves to be chill and smiley.

Tree decorating on Friday.

This picture is deceiving. Lorelai really had no interest in decorating the tree. Instead, she kept bringing books for us to read. Eventually she grabbed 3 ornaments and half-heartedly shoved them in between some of the branches. Two minutes later she walked right into the tree and they fell off anyway.

Our "just right" tree for this year. (Though I am still a bit sad about not having a big tree).
Special thanks to Old Navy for having 1/2 off jeans on Friday that actually fit, Target for having red led lights on sale that make our front door look Christmas-y, for the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special being on TWICE, and Best Buy for having "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" in stock.
And, of course, my family for making Thanksgiving so fun :)


jallen said...

your tree is so cute!

Janine said...

I love the Elmo slippers shot! Too cute.