I Do Love Me Some (fill in the blank)!

For years I have enjoyed watching the morning talk shows on Halloween. I would start off with Regis and Kelly, then Martha, then (a little bit of) The View. They always do it up big with costumes, contests, and such. Regis and Kelly go through quite a few costume changes and they are usually very good quality! They usually dress up as some of the most famous pairs of the year. For example, a few years ago they were Angelina and Brad, and Britney and K-fed, etc. I don't really remember much of what they did this year because the show in general was crappy.
One thing about the show I remembered was a spoof they did on all the famous TV chefs. Kelly dressed up like Paula Deen and Regis was that mean chef from some reality show (Hell's Kitchen?)with a mouth as filthy as the floors in most Coney Islands.
Anyway, like I said the show wasn't very funny this year, but this particular skit eventually got me. It was the kind of thing that was so stupid that eventually you had to laugh.
If you don't know who Paula Deen is, she's a big-hearted old southern lady with a talent for creating artery-clogging comfort food. I'm not sure that she makes anything without butter.
So, back to the skit...Kelly is dressed up like Paula Deen and keeps saying "I do love me some BUTTER!" She continues on to prepare butter on a stick and a sandwich that was made of 2 doughnuts with a stick of butter in the middle.
Ever since I saw that skit, I often say to myself "Oh, I do love me some (whatever)." For the record, butter probably would be one of those things. Today, it is cake. I think I earned it, too.
I do love me some cake!
Now, you finish the sentence: "I do love me some...."


Matt Bunk said...

Coke Zero.
Olga's Snackers.
Peanut M&Ms.

Elle Bee said...

Chef Gordon Ramsey (the guy you talked about)

British mouths are hot, even when they are dirty :)