It's been too long...patience pays off. Tim has said some VERY entertaining things recently...but the problem is I forget them before I can post them...and if I ask Tim, "hey what was that word you mispronounced the other day?" he will not tell me, because he knows I want to post it. Arg!
Here's one from last week:
Tim: So, I was telling my friend that Lorelai is going to be a poodle for Halloween.
Becca: *blank stare that says 'you must be kidding'*
Tim: Uh...she is going to be a poodle, right?
Becca: No. I am making her a poodle skirt. I told you this many times.
Tim: What the heck is a poodle skirt?

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Elle Bee said...

Now all you need is an embarrassing photo to match the quote :)!