Nina's Fun Friday

What would you like to do on your birthday this year?
My next birthday will be in '09, and hopefully we will be in Jamaica like we are planning. I would love to start the day scuba diving, lay on the beach for awhile, come back to the hotel and clean up, enjoy a glass of wine while the sun sets, have a romantic dinner at an outdoor restaurant, then take a stroll by the beach or (better yet) through a marina.


Elle Bee said...

I will be turning the big 3-0 next year.

My hopes is that I get a huge surprise party, with a giant cake that either 1.) David Cook or 2.) John Krasinski jumps out of.

However, I'd settle for some new camera equipment. :)

Mariana said...

Is this sad or what! I have always (as we used to talk about)been all about my birthday but it is hard to think that way with three kids! I can only dream that maybe I can have even a bath with no one screaming MOMMY!!! how about I hide in your suitcase and go on vacation since we share a birthday month?