Tim, Lorelai, and I went voting together this morning. I really looked forward to this as a family event. My parents always instilled in me the importance of voting by discussing whom they were voting for and by taking me to the polls if they could.
We had to wait an hour in line, but, luckily, Lorelai was pretty well behaved. I can honestly say I would have stood in line all day just to color in that little circle for each of the people I hope to see win. I proudly colored in each of my choices on the front of the ballot and then the back...and then I turned that ballot over and colored in my choice for president with extra ink just because I am SO in love with my choice.
Last time I voted for president, I think I went to bed with an upset stomach...I was so worried about what the outcome of the election would be and I felt VERY strongly that my choice was THE proper choice.
There are about 5 hours left until the first polls close in the US, and already I'm sipping on a double strong cup of tension tamer tea. It could also be said that the big mac I had for lunch was comfort food.
Just doing my civic duty.

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ninabunk said...

i circled the parking lot this morn and when i couldn't find a spot i split!! i didn't even think to call you and see when you were going! matt has to go after work tonight!