Notice Lorelai's skinned knee...she sustained the injury while resisting to have her photo taken. I don't want to sound mean...so, you can just read my mind to see how I feel about that.
Notice also that the pirate in this picture demanded that eyeliner be part of his get up. Wow.

Hmm...let's see...this little girl is wearing a letter sweater and poodle skirt...looks to me like a 50's costume...yet, I still had a guy say "Oh! It's a sorority girl!"

We had lots of fun trick or treating...as always. I'm a huge fan of Halloween and I look forward to the day we have our own house...so that I can go so over the top decorating that the neighbors think I'm nuts.


ninabunk said...

very cute!

jallen said...

Lorelai looks so cute!!!! Where are the pictures from your party on Saturday???