Paging Dr. Elmo

Here's how we started out the week without Tim:

This is where we're at now:

Tim left Sunday at noon. Sunday lasted a looong time. Monday was long. Tuesday was long. Wednesday wasn't too long because we hit up the mall for a big sale then came home to get the house ready for some company. Then, today, it all fell apart!
Poor Lorelai woke up with a cold. The only other time Lorelai has had a cold it lasted one day. That was pretty easy. But, I've never seen her nose run the way it is running today. After a short nap she woke up miserable and didn't want anything to do with me. The only thing that got her spirits up and made her want to eat was the Elmo DVD I rented from the library the other day.
Now the DVD is over and we are reaching the end of the extras on it too. Not sure what to do...

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Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Oh, Dear. Poor Lorelai! She looks so tired.
We missed you today. I'm praying she feels better fast. :)