Crazy Lights

I love Christmas lights...always have...and I totally plan on going nuts with them when we have a house. But, for now, here is all I can do:

There are red lights around our door...you'll just have to take my word for it.
Anyway, there are two places in our neighborhood that have become a tradition for us to visit at Christmas. The first is off of Saal. The decorating spans the yards of two corner houses and includes a collection of every Christmas blow-up made. (The also do a Halloween display, too.) The second is near the Sterling Heights library and is decorated from roof to lawn and also includes music. I don't think all the lights were turned on when we visited it this year, but I can't imagine that the power grid could handle it all being on a once. I counted over 20 spotlights alone. The picture doesn't show it, but when you pull up to the house at night, it looks like it is day time.
And, for the record, I don't plan on decorating our house with the same style of lights!

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